SpectraHome provides high speed internet connection that gives your home fast connection that ensures you’re always ahead of the curve.

The speed and bandwidth capabilities of Spectra (5 to 50Mbps UNLIMITED) mean more rapid access to all your data and applications while ensuring your home has seamless uploading and downloading for home entertainment, live streaming, smart home functionalities and any other internet-based requirements and communications

Home entertainment

High speed internet can meet all your entertaiment needs, latest episode, news & music videos.

Live stream

You can't miss any live match around the world with our fast internet.

Smart home

With fast internet you can control your house appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices remotely.

Spectra Home

Packages Capacity (Mbps) Monthly Subscription (12 Months) Monthly Subscription (24 Months) Monthly Subscription (36 Months)
Spectra 5 5 NAD 399.00 NAD 375.06 NAD 359.10
Spectra 10 10 NAD 499.00 NAD 469.06 NAD 449.10
Spectra 25 25 NAD 779.00 NAD 732.26 NAD 701.10
Spectra 50 50 NAD 1099.00 NAD 1033.06 NAD 989.10
Installation Fee: NAD 2 600.00

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